Recreate an Iconic Movie

from Jimmy Wang’s Youtube Channel

For this side quest, I recreated the famous reflection scene in the movie Shawshank Redemption, when Ellis Boyd speaks to his 40 years in jail. Even though the lines were straightforward and short, the acting was actually much harder than it looked. It took a long time for me to get mentally ready and start recording. But overall, fun quest, and look what I did! I enjoy it.

Side Quest 9: Recreate an Iconic Movie Scene

I absolute hate my own voice like most people, but to try and do a Russian accent is even harder when I cant hear myself. Even though it may not seemed like it this was my tenth take. I have a hard time with “public” speaking and even more so in a foreign accent. This scene is from the TF2 trailer series specifically i chose meet the heavy. It was fun but not enjoyable.

Side Quest 9

This is a scene from The Godfather. I do not think it is exactly word for word. I did my best to dress up like Don Corleone and to imitate the unique lighting of the film’s opening scene.

I K.O Batman

I recreated a scene from the Christopher Nolan Batman series. This scene is during Batman: The Dark Knight Rises where I impersonate Bane, the antagonist of the film, and easily K.O Batman. Filming this was only described as cringe. I tried my best sounding like Bane, but my voice just wasn’t low enough in some places. Also, I clearly don’t know where to look when I film myself. However, this SQ assignment was extremely fun to make and I had lots of laughs in the process.

The original scene here

Recreating an Iconic Movie Scene

Shot by, edited by, and starring me:)

I love watching movies, still it was impossible for me to think of an iconic movie scene to recreate from Hollywood. When it came to Bollywood, however, it took me less than 2 seconds to think of this scene from the 20-year old film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, which in many ways, defines Bollywood– the drama, the slow motion shots, the music, and the over-the-top visuals. Of course this video is technically catastrophic, and the only thing it does perfectly is embarrass me. I am pretty proud of it nevertheless. (Also shoutout to my aunt for singing the background music for me!)