Side Quest 7: Throw a piece of paper into a bin

At first, I really had trouble finding the spectacular way to throw the paper into a bin. When I started to record, I realized those attempts that I failed to throw in made my final throw spectacular. It was actually a hard task to complete, not as easy as I thought. The background music is from the movie La La land, Another Day of Sun.


As a passionate basketball player, I always played around with my friends back in middle school classrooms, throwing bottles and paper, dribbling them under our legs and behind our backs and trying to score imaginary baskets with them. Whenever we make a confident shot from afar, we always yell, “Kobe!”, to dedicate the shot to our favorite basketball player. The year 2020 was very difficult in that our idol has passed away, and the pandemic is limiting our chances to play basketball. On top of the video, I put the audio of a basketball game when Kobe Bryant had beat the buzzer to win the game for his team.

RIP Kobe #sq7

When I first read this task I was a little confused as to why this was asked of me but I did it anyway. I got the paper ball into the bin within my first 3 tries and I yelled “Kobe”, then stopped. I still can’t believe that he died and when I first found out I could’ve believe it. I don’t think it has fully settled in regardless. I won’t sit here and say I was the ultimate Kobe fan and I watched all his games because I didn’t. But it still hit a little hard when I yelled “Kobe” and realized that kids in the future won’t get to experience the same warm feeling of throwing something away in class, making the shot and yelling “Kobe”.

Throw a Piece of Paper into a Bin

        My throw was my corroboration with my baby cousin. The seemingly simple task took several turns for us to complete it. It required to communicate effectively, and I had fun and troubles during the process of working with a young child like my cousin. Thinking outside box to make this task playful also makes it more like a game. Overall, I enjoyed it, and it does not seem as simple as it appear on the first glance. 

Throw a piece of paper into a bin … most spectacular throw wins.

All of these videos are going to be throwing the paper into the bin, but I am here today showcasing what happens when we use 100% of our brain. More specifically when we go beyond the norm and throw the bin onto the ball of paper. It is so quirky and weird that everyone will be shocked by the inner workings of my mind. I am not trying to impress anyone with this, but I needed something so my hallmates came up with this gem.

Nadal Would Be Proud

Although the challenge is called “Throw a piece of paper…”, I wanted some liberties with the challenge. Because throwing the paper would be too easy of a challenge (I initially did a LeBron James iconic stepback long shot, but I made it my first try and just didn’t look that interesting), I got out my trusty tennis racket from my high school days and used that to hit the paper ball in. With my usual tennis outfit on, I tried just hitting the paper ball in the air with my 2018 Babolat Pure Drive. That simple task proved to be a challenge. Because of all the tiny cracks and corners of the roughly scrunched up paper ball, the irregular shape of the ball made it go haphazardly upon impact. When I tried hitting the ball in a general direction, the ball seemed to have a mind of its own. Without practice, I told my mom to record my shot and my numerous, numerous attempts in the living room, but she soon got sick of all my misses and told me to do it in my room. I took the challenge on my own: I put my phone against my computer and I just started recording me hitting the ball with my racket, from a considerable distance. After a total of 30 attempts, I recorded a shot that I was finally satisfied with. Behold! The ultimate tennis shot! With the handle comfortably in the volley grip, the paper ball collides with the swinging head of the racket. The ball soars through the air with the perfect amount of backspin. It hits the corner of my room and the ball uses the backboard to get into the bin. GOAL! That is a spectacular shot if I ever saw one.

Paper Golf Chipped into A Bin

My version of throwing a piece of paper into a bin was to chip a paper ball into my laundry bin with a seven iron golf club. Hitting my shot took well over the time I was expecting because the ball kept morphing due to me hitting it so much. I have to respect my classmates’ clarinet skills and no-lookers, but I think I have them beat. I have been working on my golf swing for the entire summer, so I have been waiting to hit a little in Atlanta, even if it was not a golf ball.

Spectacular In My Own World

I do not think this is the most spectacular throw in the universe, especially after watching the girl with a paper airplane get hers into a trash can. Though, I do think this was the most spectacular way I could have went about it. I mean, what good is years of gymnastics if you can’t use it for moments like these? Seriously…I have never in my life, needed a one-handed cartwheel. Once I decided on the technique, it took quite a few tries, but I eventually got it in–a mini victory for the night!

Paper musicaly thrown into a bin

I honestly had a hard time thinking what the most spectacular way to through crunched up paper into a bin. I knew I wanted to through it over my shoulder, but the rest was not very clear to me. It took me some time to decide my best course of action was to play the clarinet before I threw my paper.

In real life, my through would have been spectacular. The piece I played was called Misty by Eroll Garner. It is an incredibly sentimental piece, full of emotion. The tone of my clarinet was great, and the embellishments I added were well placed. Unfortunately, a smartphone is not the best way to record sound, so that aspect of the video was diminished. I think my over the shoulder through was pretty great considering I had to catch the ball and throw it in the direction of the bin without looking. All in all, I think my throw was pretty nice. 

Side Quest 7

In today’s world, everybody is always showing the best version of themselves, so I wanted to make a video that also showed the numerous failures that led to eventual success. I also thought the Circus music (cited below) would be funny.

The behind-the-back throw is a staple of difficult throws, the golden standard. When I was thinking about which throw to do, the behind-the-back seemed like the only feasible throw. This throw is spectacular for numerous reasons. It’s elegant, its well-documented, and most of all, it paints a clear narrative. The crumpled paper tried and tried again to reach its humble home, to no avail, until finally, it succeeded. What more needs to be said?

The bibliography. The bibliography needs to be said.

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