Game Comparison Reflection

While writing this essay I realized how, not being given a very specific structure affected my writing. I still had little to no problem completing this essay but I just found it interesting that I had to create a whole structure by myself. At first I start with my introduction then the body paragraphs switch from each game and they are compared with each other. I was surprised by how much I picked up my typing speed from the 3rd page because the first two pages were not as exciting in my opinion.

RIP Kobe #sq7

When I first read this task I was a little confused as to why this was asked of me but I did it anyway. I got the paper ball into the bin within my first 3 tries and I yelled “Kobe”, then stopped. I still can’t believe that he died and when I first found out I could’ve believe it. I don’t think it has fully settled in regardless. I won’t sit here and say I was the ultimate Kobe fan and I watched all his games because I didn’t. But it still hit a little hard when I yelled “Kobe” and realized that kids in the future won’t get to experience the same warm feeling of throwing something away in class, making the shot and yelling “Kobe”.

Activating My Pre-K Drawing Skills

Honestly where should I start? Isn’t this a masterpiece? Nothing short from spectacular! I knew I didn’t know how to draw that well so I decided to go with a classic concept of course; something that would trigger Gen Z’s childhood memories. There’s nothing better than a sunny day out with you, your house and your dog. Of course the orange makes the sun look beautiful and fiery while the eraser gives the dog an exceptional shape. Go ahead and laugh at me because I’m busy laughing at myself as well. sq5

COD Reflection Post

The only difference in my approach to this essay compared to the literary narrative I had to write is my excitement. I play games so I was very interested in writing this. My player narrative is basically a comparison of the past and the present and how certain things have changed. From writing my player narrative I’ve learned to analyze myself while I play certain games and keep a tab of it.

It’s Basically All My Hobbies in a Bag, (+ Imagine My Xbox is There)

Items that you see above:

⁃ Black Backpack

⁃ Cleats

⁃ Goalie Gloves

⁃ Water bottle

⁃ Slides

⁃ Apparently Glowsticks

Uno Cards (because why not)

Not surprisingly, this image is a reflection of who I am as a person and the qualities I embody. I don’t have a favorite color (well maybe I do who knows) but my favorite shade is black because it’s so dark and deep. Everytime I have something on that’s black I just feel powerful. Which is why it isn’t surprising when I try looking into my closet and all I see is black. I chose to grab this bag because it’s a bag I use very often. One, because it’s black, two because it’s the perfect size for anything. Representing myself through the items of my bag should count as a type of writing because the items you carry with you really do represent the type of person you are most times. It’s like The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. If you’ve ever read that book then you’d know what I’m talking about.


Honestly this was an interesting side quest. I read through the assignment and the directions and immediately tried figuring out what I wanted to combine. I personally don’t see myself as the creative type but I somehow managed to piece two pictures almost seamlessly. Of course I’ll get better as time goes on. I couldn’t find two pictures that had the exact same color bear but it’ll do. If we were to look at this picture in a more creative and figurative sense I would say my picture conveys the difference between real and fake. The fake teddy bear looks automatically artificial, anyone can look at it and see that it’s fake. But the real bear has an insane amount of detail in the photo, especially in the fur because it’s real it’s authentic. No matter how much you try to make something fake look real it won’t be possible because there are certain characteristics that you simply can’t catch.

Literacy Narrative Reflection

I haven’t touched on that topic in a while. It was hard to do but it was relieving at the same time. There were a lot of repressed feeling and there still are some but everything always works out. After writing this out I realized how stubborn I am with my feelings. For the sake of pride I won’t let them out on certain occasions which I have to work on. I think the most interesting line from what I wrote was “I could only feel the black” because I feel as though so many people can relate to that.