Mein Kampf in Quarantine: Secret Hitler

The Longest Rainy Sunday
Mein Kampf in Quarantine: Secret Hitler

In this episode of The Longest Rainy Sunday, we take a look at the popular party game, Secret Hitler. We all know that Secret Hitler is a lot of fun– the arguments, the deception and the lying. But we take a deeper look into why this is the case. What really makes this game unique and special? We talk about the way our minds work, and how we think while playing the game. We also shed some light on what skills we can learn from this game, like decision-making, lie detection, convincing power, and telescoping. Finally, we also touch upon why this game is more relevant at this point in history, than ever before. The events of 2020 have impacted all parts of our lives. How have they changed the way we play Secret Hitler? Let’s talk about Mein Kampf in Quarantine: Secret Hitler.


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