Hidden Folks and Unhidden Childhood

The Longest Rainy Sunday
The Longest Rainy Sunday
Hidden Folks and Unhidden Childhood

Hidden Folks and Unhidden Childhood takes a look at the relatively unsung game: Hidden Folks. It is an interactive hidden objects game. The basic premise of the game is similar to Where’s Waldo, but in reality, it’s so much more. We think that Hidden Folks, on some subliminal level, instills a sense of appreciation for the smaller moments in life. As we grow older, we are so engrossed in the constant pursuit of ‘productivity’ and finding meaning in everything we do. It’s just not easy to fascinate us anymore. Hidden Folks allows you to just slow down and take a moment, and relive that childhood excitement. In the episode we also talk about other skills this game can teach you, what makes it different from other games of its genre, and its relevance in this unprecedented year.


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Everything Bad Is Good For You by Steven Johnson.



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