Fantasy Football

The Longest Rainy Sunday
Fantasy Football

While baseball may still be on the books as “America’s favorite pastime” it is very clearly no longer America’s favorite sport. As baseball fans clutch onto pre-war glory days of the previous century, filled with legends like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio, they stay memories. Slowly fading into obscurity with lowered fan attendance and network ratings, the future of sports has pivoted towards more action packed games with more concise seasons – football and basketball. Football – Gridiron football, a game so American almost no one else outside of the hemisphere plays it – has been a shining success in usurping the throne as a cultural mainstay, with games regularly topping viewership records and the cementing of the Super Bowl as a national holiday. With this huge boom in popularity in the information age, both of these sports have experienced the effect of a novel interloper: fantasy leagues.




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